States Step Up Border Control in Response to Federal Government’s Inaction

The ongoing border crisis has seen a significant response from Republican governors, with thirteen of them converging at the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas. This gathering was intended to showcase their support for Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and his feud with the Biden administration. The federal government’s perceived failure to address the border crisis has led to states taking matters into their own hands, with Gov. Sarah Sanders of Arkansas stating, “Governor Abbott has been stepping up where the federal government is dropping their duty.”

According to Sanders, states are banding together to do what the federal government has failed to do. In the face of over 10 million illegal immigrants crossing the border since President Joe Biden assumed office, states are stepping up their efforts to secure their borders. Texas, in particular, has taken the lead by assuming control of Shelby Park and bolstering its border defenses.

During the meeting, Governor Abbott praised his administration’s achievements in drastically reducing the number of border crossings. He criticized the Biden administration, stating, “Joe Biden has completely abdicated and abandoned his responsibility to enforce the laws of the United States.”

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) commended Abbott for his state’s success in reducing the number of border crossings in the Eagle Pass area. Gianforte, whose state shares a border with Canada, expressed concern about the drug trade across the borders impacting his state.

While 25 governors signed a letter supporting Abbott last week, only about half were present at the press conference. Among those present were several governors, including Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Nebraska Governor Jill Pillen, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, and Utah Governor Spencer Cox.

Sanders expressed the collective determination of the governors not to give up until the federal government steps in. She voiced her hope that the federal government would notice the efforts of Texas and other states and start aiding the process. Furthermore, Sanders warned that if the federal government doesn’t step up, more states will take action to protect their borders and citizens.

The Biden administration’s request for Texas to surrender control of the park to Border Patrol was denied. Instead, the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety are maintaining control and reinforcing existing border barriers with additional razor wire.