Surprising Number Of House Democrats Vote Against Bill To Deport Non-Citizens Convicted Of DUIs

In a recent legislative session, over two-thirds of the House Democrats voted against a bill aimed at deporting non-citizens convicted of DUIs.

Despite this opposition, the bill managed to pass with bipartisan support. The Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act was approved by 59 Democrats and all 215 Republicans who cast their votes. The number of Democrats voting against the bill tallied to 150. Seven lawmakers, including four Democrats and three Republicans, refrained from voting.

Alabama Republican Representative Barry Moore introduced the bill, which proposed amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act to render non-citizens convicted of DUIs or other drug- or alcohol-related offenses inadmissible and deportable. Moore hailed the support from 59 Democrats as “good news”, but expressed concern about President Joe Biden’s immigration policy, which he claims allows thousands of unchecked illegal immigrants to enter the country and pose a risk to American families.

Among the Democrats who supported the bill, Rep. Don Davis of North Carolina emphasized the importance of public safety, stating that the legislation grants new authority to deport any person unlawfully residing in the country if they are found driving under the influence.

However, not all Democrats were in agreement. Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib, a prominent member of the progressive “Squad”, voiced her opposition, arguing that the bill would create an unequal system of justice. She expressed concern that lawful immigrants, who have been part of American communities for years, could face deportation for a single misdemeanor DUI conviction.

In addition to the Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act, the GOP-led House also passed several other bills aimed at bolstering border security, all of which now move to the Democrat-controlled Senate. These include provisions for new penalties for individuals involved in high-speed chases while evading Border Patrol agents within 100 miles of the border, the denial of refuge to non-citizens associated with aiding Hamas in a deadly attack on Israel in October last year, and measures to deport or bar non-citizens involved in Social Security and ID fraud.

As Congress prepares for a potential impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas next week, members are also awaiting the announcement of a border deal from the Senate.