Sununu: Biden’s Performance Drives Voter Support for Trump Despite Conviction

Chris Sununu |


Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire asserted that a conviction in the Manhattan trial against former President Donald Trump would not significantly impact his support base, as voters seek change following President Joe Biden’s tenure.

Why It Matters

This highlights the electorate’s desire for new leadership amidst dissatisfaction with the current administration’s handling of key issues.

Who It Impacts

The discussion affects American voters, particularly those frustrated with economic and public safety concerns.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu suggested on Sunday that a conviction in the Manhattan hush money trial against former President Donald Trump is unlikely to diminish his support. During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by Kasie Hunt, Sununu emphasized that voters are primarily focused on seeking change after what he described as President Joe Biden’s inadequate job performance.

When asked if he was comfortable voting for Trump following his conviction on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, Sununu responded affirmatively. “Oh, sure, as, apparently, according to the polls, most of America is,” Sununu remarked. He noted that current polling still shows Trump leading by two points. “A majority of people say it doesn’t really matter. I think there’s a small percentage that say it’ll make them more likely and a small percentage said it’ll make them less likely to vote for him.”

Sununu explained that the conviction is not significantly shifting voter sentiment. He described it as “kind of a wash,” especially considering it is still early in the election cycle. “This is just the first step of this process with his legal troubles,” Sununu stated, pointing out that the political landscape will continue to evolve with upcoming debates and conventions.

Highlighting the broader context, Sununu argued that Americans are dissatisfied with Biden’s presidency, citing issues such as inflation, border security, and public safety. “People in America want change. They do. This is how bad Joe Biden is,” he said. Sununu highlighted that Trump’s competitiveness even in traditionally Democratic strongholds like New York indicates broader discontent with the current administration.

Sununu’s comments reflect a belief that despite Trump’s legal issues, the electorate is more focused on the perceived failures of the Biden administration. “Inflation is real. The border is real. You know, public safety and the lack thereof, and especially in a lot of these major cities, is real,” he elaborated. He concluded by stressing the role of the voters in determining the outcome, underscoring the democratic process and the public’s desire for change.

This perspective suggests that Trump’s legal challenges may be overshadowed by voter frustration with Biden’s performance, impacting the upcoming election dynamics.