Supreme Court Delivers Another Blow To Biden – Title 42 Remains

Supreme Court on Monday blocked the Biden administration’s ability to remove Title 42.

Title 42 was last utilized by Donald Trump during the COVID pandemic. The intent of the statute was to give Presidents the ability to reduce immigration during outbreak events.

The Biden administration had previously kept Title 42 in place. However, in recent months, the Department of Homeland Security had reversed course and supported its removal.

Chief Justice John Roberts stayed a lower-courts ruling and blocked the Biden administration’s ability to lift Title 42.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott praised Robert’s decision saying, “Texas and other states are insisting that the Court leave Title 42 in place. Today’s order is a step in that direction.” He continued by saying “This helps prevent illegal immigration.”

Border officials have said there is an estimated 50,000 foreign people waiting to enter the United States when and if Title 42 is lifted.