The Partisan January 6 Committee Unsurprisingly Recommends Criminal Charges For Trump

Gage Skidmore

On Monday, House January 6 Committee, which was established by Nancy Pelosi, has said the recommend Donald Trump be charged for the riot that occured nearly two years ago.

The recommended criminal charges are obstructing an official proceeding, conspiring to defraud the United States, conspiring to make false statement to the federal government and inciting an insurrection.

The recommendations are not surprising, given the heavily-partisan origination and composition of the committee. Additionally, the recommendations have zero legal weight. It is purely symbolic.

The unsurprising decision to offer recommendations marks the finale of the ongoing and politically-motivated proceedings. Since originally launching, the unelected committee has interviewed 1,000 people, and has supported by various left-leaning television networks.

The committee was lead by 7 democrats and 2 republicans. The two republicans being Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Both Chany and Kinzinger have publicly been in favor of impeaching Trump.