Ted Cruz Accuses Biden’s Policies for Undermining Israel

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Senator Ted Cruz has criticized President Joe Biden, blaming his policies for the recent violence against Jews by terrorists. Cruz discussed the impact of Biden’s actions on Israel and U.S. politics in his “Verdict” podcast.

Why It Matters

Biden’s policies towards Iran and Israel are under scrutiny, with concerns about their implications for U.S. national security and foreign relations.

Who It Impacts

This issue affects American voters, particularly those concerned with national security, foreign policy, and U.S.-Israel relations.

Cruz Criticizes Biden Over Policies Leading to Terrorist Attacks on Jews

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has launched a strong critique against President Joe Biden, accusing him of implementing policies that have directly led to the murder of Jews by terrorists. In a recent episode of his “Verdict” podcast, co-hosted by Ben Ferguson, Cruz delved into the latest updates from Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas and discussed the political ramifications in the United States.

Cruz highlighted the aftermath of the Hamas attack on October 7, suggesting that President Biden and the Democratic Party have failed to adequately address the severity of the situation. He argued that the Biden administration’s approach to Israel has been detrimental, accusing Biden of systematically undermining Israel’s security since taking office.

“When he came into the White House, they systematically attacked Israel, they also funneled over $100 billion to Iran, they funded Iran, they funded Hamas,” Cruz stated. He specifically referred to Biden’s policy of relaxing sanctions on Iran, which, according to Cruz, has inadvertently funded terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. He stressed that “90% of Hamas funding comes from Iran,” asserting that Biden’s actions have enabled these groups to carry out terrorist activities.

Cruz went further, accusing Biden of indirectly funding Hamas through financial aid sent to Gaza, knowing it would be used for terrorist purposes. “They also sent hundreds of millions of dollars to Gaza, which they knew would go directly to Hamas and be used for terror killings,” Cruz claimed. He criticized Biden for not addressing these issues in public speeches, suggesting a disconnect between Biden’s policies and their real-world consequences.

In his podcast, Cruz also criticized Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), calling him “the second greatest friend Hamas and Hezbollah has ever had.” Cruz pointed out that Schumer, who has long identified as a staunch supporter of Israel, is now supporting policies that Cruz believes are harmful to Israel. “He’s defined himself as the defender of Israel. And he is right now defending Hamas and supporting Joe Biden and cutting off weapons to Israel,” Cruz said, highlighting what he sees as a contradiction in Schumer’s stance.

Cruz’s remarks underscore a significant divide within U.S. politics regarding foreign policy and support for Israel. He emphasized that leaders like Schumer and Biden are succumbing to pressure from the radical left, which Cruz claims is influencing Democratic policies to the detriment of Israel and global security.

From Cruz’s perspective, the current administration’s policies are not only misguided but also dangerous, as they allegedly provide resources to groups that pose a threat to both Israel and Jews worldwide. This issue remains a contentious topic, reflecting broader debates about the direction of U.S. foreign policy and its implications for national and international security.