Ted Cruz Blasts Biden For His ‘De Facto Ban On New Drilling’

In a letter sent to the Biden Administration, Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) demanded an end to federal restrictions that hurt American production of energy.

Addressed to National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS), the federal permitting agency responsible for delaying federal oil and gas leases, the letter said “While the Biden Administration and Members of Congress fault the domestic oil and gas industry for sitting idle on over 9,000 drilling permits and millions of acres in ‘inactive leases’, NMFS’s permitting delays represent one example of the Administration’s de facto ban on new drilling – impeding domestic oil and gas investment, exploration, and production.”

The letter went on to state, “It is unacceptable that agency miscalculations have restricted access to safe, secure, and reliable domestic oil and gas production through substantial, unnecessary, and arbitrary permitting delays.”

Cruz tweeted, “Under President Biden, America has seen record high gas prices. I and 19 other senators signed a letter demanding that the Secretary of Commerce stop delaying permits for existing oil and gas leases.”

Since taking office, gasoline has risen from $2.38 per gallon to $4.23 per gallon. Many believe this drastic increase in prices is due to Biden’s policies that have restricted American oil and gas companies from being as productive as possible.