The Danish Halt Johnson & Johnson Vaccines Due To Blood Clot Concerns

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Denmark authorities announced on Monday that they were halting the use of the Johnson & Johnson CCP virus vaccine due to a possible link to blood clots.

On Monday the Danish Health Authority said they have “concluded that the benefits of using the COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson do not outweigh the risk of causing the possible adverse effect, VITT, in those who receive the vaccine.”

The decision was reached after Danish health officials examined various data and statements related to the vaccine.

Denmark has also dropped the AstraZeneca vaccine previously this year, citing concerns over its links to blood clots. Denmark’s Deputy Director General said in a statement, “In the midst of an epidemic, this has been a difficult decision to make, especially since we have also had to discontinue using the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca. However, taking the present situation in Denmark into account, what we are currently losing in our effort to prevent severe illness from COVID-19 cannot outweigh the risk of causing possible side effects in the form of severe blood clots in those we vaccinate.”

In the United States, over 8.4 million J&J vaccine doses have been administered. However, only 1.3 million have been given in Europe.