The Left’s Hypocrisy was Demonstrated as Protestors Stormed the Capitol Building

The January 6 joint session of Congress was interrupted by protestors attempting to break into the House chamber. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News that police told him there were shots fired in the Capitol.

This was later confirmed by the Washington D.C. Mayor and Police Chief in a press conference, they stated that a person had been shot inside the building. No further details were given on the subject, it is unclear why the person was shot and whether or not it was a lethal shooting.

Around the time of the break-in, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to ask protestors to remain peaceful.

His following tweets have been flagged and censored by Twitter and cannot be “replied to, Retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence.”

Several left-leaning celebrities immediately took the chance to blame this on the President, with CNN’s Chris Cuomo replying to one of the President’s “Stay Peaceful” tweets with “You have done nothing but encourage this.” Following his reply, a video of Cuomo endorsing violence from Antifa and BLM protestors began spreading around.

Former Vice President Joe Biden took the opportunity to blame the President as well, calling on Trump to demand an “end to this siege,” after he had already done just that. Biden does not seem to remember endorsing all the BLM and Antifa rioters for months on end, pandering to their wants and needs as they burned down American cities and hurt Law Enforcement Officers.

President Trump immediately deployed the National Guard to put an end to the unrest and asked all protestors to go home.