Trump Accuses Media of Underreporting Ukraine Conflict Casualties

Gage Skidmore

During a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, former President Donald Trump expressed his concerns about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

He accused the mainstream media of downplaying the severity of the situation, suggesting that the death toll and destruction are far worse than what is being reported.

Trump, who has previously stated that he would pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war by threatening to supply Ukraine with an unprecedented amount of weaponry, reiterated his stance. He painted a grim picture of the war-torn cities in Ukraine, describing them as demolition zones.

In his conversation with Hannity, Trump stated, “You have cities with no building standing. It looks like just a demolition zone. It’s so horrible and, you know, and then they’ll say two people were hurt. No. Hundreds of people and thousands of people were killed.”

The former president further criticized the media for not reporting the truth about the casualties, predicting that the final death toll will be much higher than what is currently being reported. He claimed, “Many, many thousands, hundreds of thousands of people are dying. Their cities are being obliterated.”

Trump also clarified his position on the conflict, stating that his primary concern is to prevent further loss of life. He confidently asserted, “I want to stop people from getting killed and I’ll have it stopped, fast.”