DeSantis Vows to Counteract Cultural Marxism in Presidential Campaign

Gage Skidmore

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, in his presidential campaign, has pledged to counteract the influence of cultural Marxism across the nation.

He expressed his concerns about the cultural shift led by leftist groups during his address at the Republican Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual gathering.

DeSantis, alarmed by what he perceives as a cultural revolution instigated by the left, stated, “The left is lighting the fire of a cultural revolution all across this land. The fire smolders in our schools, it smolders in corporate boardrooms, it smolders in the halls of government.” He further pledged to extinguish the fire of cultural Marxism and restore sanity, normalcy, and integrity across institutions if elected as President.

The Governor also highlighted the issue of children being exposed to gender ideology in schools. He has been proactive in his role as Florida’s governor, signing an education bill that prohibits classroom indoctrination on sexual orientation and gender awareness for students in kindergarten through third grade. Despite criticism from LGBTQ groups and some schoolteachers, Florida officials expanded the bill to cover all grades in elementary, middle, and high schools.

DeSantis has also taken a firm stance against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He signed three bills aimed at eliminating the CCP’s influence, including prohibiting Chinese communist agencies, businesses, and citizens from owning land in Florida, and restricting the use of foreign social media applications on state government equipment.

The Governor holds the CCP accountable for the global COVID-19 pandemic, accusing it of concealing the truth during the initial outbreak in Wuhan. He has publicly stated that the virus almost assuredly leaked from the lab in Wuhan, which worked closely with the CCP and the Chinese military.

Recent national polls show DeSantis’s approval rating among registered voters slightly higher than President Joe Biden’s. His stance against cultural Marxism and his efforts to protect children from gender ideology in schools have garnered him significant support.