Trump, ‘Nuclear Weapons Issue Is A Hoax’

Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump said on Friday that the new allegations that Trump was harboring nuclear secrets is just another hoax.

Hours after Attorney General Merrick Garland said he personally approved the raid on Mar-A-Lago, the Washington Post alleged the FBI was looking for classified information related to US nuclear weapons.

Trump said, “Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a Hoax, two Impeachments were a Hoax, the Mueller investigation was a Hoax, and much more.”

Trump went on to say, “Same sleazy people involved. Why wouldn’t the FBI allow the inspection of areas at Mar-a-Lago with our lawyer’s [sic], or others, present. Made them wait outside in the heat, wouldn’t let them get even close – said ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT.’ Planting information anyone? Reminds me of a Christofer Steele Dossier!”

On Thursday, Merrick Garland said, “I personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter.” He also said, “Second, the Department does not take such a decision lightly. Where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken.”

Former Justice Department chief David Laufman said regarding the raid, “If that is true, it would suggest that material residing unlawfully at Mar-a-Lago may have been classified at the highest classification level. Laufman said, “If the FBI and the Department of Justice believed there were top secret materials still at Mar-a-Lago, that would lend itself to greater ‘hair-on-fire’ motivation to recover that material as quickly as possible.”

Trump and his legal team have maintained they have always been cooperative with the FBI, and the raid was not necessary.