Trump Says He May Visit Border – “I’m looking To Get A Problem Solved.”

The Presidential race to the border just got a little more interesting. In a Fox News interview on Saturday, Donald Trump said he may visit the border to review the operations and conditions happening with the surge in illegal immigration.

Since rolling back Trump-era immigration policies, the Biden Administration has been responsible for an astounding influx in illegal immigration-related so-called “encounters.” The crisis has become so significant border facilities are struggling to manage record-breaking levels of border crossings.

During his interview, Trump said “They want me there, they’ve asked me to go, and I really sort of feel I owe it to them. They’re great people, they’re doing an incredible job. It’s impossible now with what [the Biden administration has] done.”

In February alone, the Biden Administration had recorded 100,000 illegal entries into the US. Trump addressed this sharp rise by saying, “Thousands and thousands of people are coming up right now as we speak. And you’re gonna have millions of people pouring into our country, and it’s going to destroy our country.”

A potential visit by Trump may come in a couple of weeks. As to reasons why Trump is considering going he said, “I don’t know what they’re doing, and they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a very, very dangerous situation. I’d love not to be involved. Somebody else is supposed to be doing it.” Trump added, “I’m not looking to have a race, I’m looking to get a problem solved.”

Earlier this week Harris said she would go to the border as well. But, she gave no definite timeline. “At some point, absolutely we will go down to the border. And I’ve been down to the border and our secretary of the Homeland Security, Alex Mayorkas, has been down there twice. Senior administration officials have been down there and yes, we will go.”