Trump’s Exclusive Interview with Tucker Carlson Draws Record-Breaking Views

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Former President Donald Trump chose to forgo the Republican debate and instead engaged in a comprehensive discussion with Tucker Carlson. This interview, which was strategically released just five minutes before the commencement of the Republican debate, witnessed an overwhelming response, accumulating over 100 million views in mere hours. By the following morning, the count had surged to nearly 180 million.

Trump, during the conversation, elaborated on his decision to skip the debate, attributing it to his significant lead in the polls. He remarked, “I’m leading by [40] points. But I’m gonna have all these people screaming at me, shouting questions at me. All of which I love answering. I love doing, but it doesn’t make sense to do ’em. So, I’ve taken a pass.”

The former president also touched upon the heightened emotions and divisions currently prevalent in the U.S., expressing uncertainty when Carlson inquired about the possibility of the nation heading towards a civil war. Trump observed a unique intensity of passion and animosity, which he deemed a potentially dangerous mix.

Furthermore, Trump addressed his ongoing legal challenges, dismissing them as baseless. He drew parallels with Hillary Clinton and Democrat Stacey Abrams, both of whom, according to him, have contested election results in the past.

Carlson, seizing the opportunity, questioned Trump about potential threats to his life, given the current political climate. Trump responded candidly, labeling his adversaries as “savage animals” and “really sick” individuals.

On the topic of President Biden, Trump expressed skepticism regarding Biden’s potential re-election bid. He also insinuated that Biden might not be the one truly governing the country, suggesting that the president’s family business ties could be influencing his decisions.

Trump also took the opportunity to highlight his achievements in foreign policy, particularly his efforts to prevent a nuclear conflict with North Korea. He criticized Biden’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia War and China’s growing influence in Cuba. However, for Trump, immigration remains the paramount issue, emphasizing the need to address the influx of criminals across the border.

This interview has undoubtedly stirred discussions and will likely continue to be a topic of debate in the coming days.