California’s Swalwell Makes Strange Comment About Texas And ‘Energy To Control Your Body’

Gage Skidmore

When Texas experienced the possibility of rolling blackouts during a July heat wave that scorched the Lone Star state, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Ca.) went to social media to attack Texas pro-life laws. The lawmaker connected his remarks to the power problems writing, “Texas. Where Republicans provide plenty of energy to control your body, but no energy to control your thermostat.”

On Tuesday, Swalwell reminded residents of the Golden State to reduce energy consumption to avoid blackouts. Again, going to Twitter, Swalwell wrote, “It’s time to rally, California! We all need to do our part to help avoid power outages this week. Before 4 p.m., pre-cool your home. After 4 p.m., avoid use of major appliances and turn your thermostat to 78 or higher. Let’s keep the lights on, California.”

However, Tuesday evening, the California Independent System Operator narrowly escaped imposing rolling blackouts while residents experienced electrical service interruptions. Indeed, the western portion of the U.S. has experienced record high temperatures and “dangerous heat” warnings from the National Weather Service over the last week.

Gov. Gavin Newsom also reminded residents to conserve in a tweeted video on Tuesday.

According to reports, California also was prepared to close the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant amid the power problems. Instead, after a warning from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and other officials, the California legislature voted to extend the facility’s life span by another five years. The 37-year-old power plant is responsible for 8% of overall energy and 17% of carbon-free energy in the state.