“Way Over 100,000” – Border Official Estimates Number Of Illegal Migrants Who’ve Avoided Capture

It is estimated that “way over 100,000” illegal immigrants have avoided arrest or apprehension, according to Deputy Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz.

Speaking to Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” when asked “how many people are actually getting away from us,” Ortiz said he believes the number stands at “way over 100,000 people.” His estimate pertains to the year 2021.

The surge in illegal immigration at the nation’s southern border has been seen as many as a humanitarian crisis brought about by Biden’s lax border security and enforcement measures. The number of those apprehended has already reached levels not seen in over a decade.

“We’re already starting to see some hire days of 6,000-plus apprehensions. So, I fully expect our border patrol agents to encounter over a million people this year.”

According to the CBP’s own figures, illegal border crossings have risen to over 100,000 in February alone.