“We Held It Up” – Pelosi Admits To Stalling COVID Relief

In her recent interview on CBS ‘60 Minutes,’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained her reasonings for stalling the passage of the COVID relief bill, stating that it “wasn’t a mistake,” and “nobody expects me to support something that solidifies injustice in our country.”

Pelosi said her main motivation for blocking the bill was because Republicans were not focusing enough on social justice, although it was supposed to be a pandemic relief bill.

Many Americans were unhappy with the COVID bill when it was eventually passed, stating problems with several of the things packed into it that had nothing to do with the coronavirus. Pointing out that much of the funding that was supposed to go towards the pandemic was actually going to other countries.

“We held it up because there was no respect for our heroes, our state and local health care workers, police and fire, our first responders, our sanitation, transportation, food workers, our teachers.”

After winning re-election as House Speaker, Pelosi’s speech contained the same sentiment. “We must pursue justice: economic justice, justice in health, racial justice, environmental, and climate justice. The list goes on.”