Whoopi Shouts At Conservative Guest Host For Saying Americans Are More Concerned About Inflation Than Jan. 6th

Source: Mark Taylor | commons.wikimedia.org

When guest host Lindsey Granger appeared on Tuesday’s edition of “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg began angrily shouting at Granger for suggesting out-of-control inflation was more important to average Americans than the ongoing January 6th committee hearings.

Granger’s point revolved around the lack of the Justice Department’s inability to present solid evidence. If significant evidence did exist, perhaps American families would take the time to give the Justice Department their attention. For now, American families are too busy trying to figure out how to pay for gas and put food on the table.

Granger said, “What the smoking gun here? What’s the breaking news?”

She went on to note how real chages haven’t been brought against alleged “organizers” of the Jan 6 protest. She said, “Then if we think about the actual intention of this, there’s a sentiment that Democrats need to re-brand this midterm message, right? So by airing this, they’re going to remind everybody like, hey, Trump is aligned with other conservatives — even thought that’s not always true, there’s plenty of people that spoke out against this — and so now, reminder, don’t vote for these people in the midterms, because you want to keep the majority.

She went on to say it’s “a losing message by looking in the past and not looking to the future.”

Granger continued by describing what she feels Americans are really concerned about, “There’s things on top of mind for people. There are things like feeding your baby, which I talked about yesterday. There are things on top of mind like people wanting to know a recession is looming. There are things on top of mind like wondering how to pay for your gas.”

Goldberg interrupted Granger by saying, “I think Americans are smart enough – I think Americans smart enough to be able to have more than one thought in their head about what’s going on.”

At this point, Goldberg was shouting saying, “Hold on, now you just — all right, I heard you. All right, I understand.”