‘You Should Resign’ – Republican Sen. Hawley Rips Into DHS Sec. Mayorkas Calling For Him To Step Down Over Border Crisis

Source: Natureofthought | commons.wikimedia.org

On Wednesday, Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley demanded the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his failure along our nation’s border.

Hawley’s letter, which was sent to the Department of Homeland Security, pointed out how the US Customers and Border Protection data shows there have been over 2 million “border encounters” from October 2021 to August 2022.

Hawley said in the letter, And these are only the official statistics, which fail to capture the many got-aways who evaded detection. After two years on the job, you have demonstrated that you have no intention of enforcing our immigration laws.

He went on to say, Your intentional disregard for our country’s immigration laws makes you unfit to remain in office. You should resign.”

In recent months, there have been a growing movement within Republican circles to call for Mayorkas to be removed. His failure to secure the southern border is a public safety issue. Criminals and increasing amounts of fentanyl have been moving across the US border.