Zelensky Is Winner Of The Reagan Freedom Award – For His “Courageous Fight Against Tyranny”

On Monday, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute selected Ukrainian President Zelensky as the winner of the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award, according to Axios.

Citing Zelensky’s “courageous fight against tyranny,” the foundation and institute recognized Zelensky for standing against Russia’s invasion.

Chairman of  the foundation and institute, Fred Ryan, said in a statement “The world applauds President Zelensky and all that he stands for — democracy, individual liberty, freedom, and hope.”

The Reagan Foundation released a video statement that said, “As Americans, we know that freedom is as much a part of us as our blood. It can’t be bartered away. The truth is that the word freedom is deceptively simple. It’s a word that describes the God-given condition of the human soul.”

The video statement went on to say, “President Zelenskyy will become the eleventh recipient of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation’s highest recognition. He follows in a long line of world leaders who, like Ronald Reagan, have contributed greatly to the cause of freedom worldwide.”

“Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who was sworn in as the President of Ukraine on May 20, 2019, has become the face of Ukraine’s resistance against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invading forces. President Zelenskyy’s platform of anti-corruption and national unity helped win him widespread support. Although a political novice with no military background, President Zelenskyy has earned the respect of Ukraine and those around the world by refusing to flee the capital, urging Ukrainians to resist, and crafting a successful communications strategy that has won over European leaders and citizens,” the Reagan Foundation said.