‘A One Way Operation Against Conservatives’ – Musk and D’Souza Confirm What We’ve All Known

On Tuesday, famed filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and Twitter CEO Elon Musk publicly explained why news of liberal-leaning accounts being reinstated by Twitter is not ever reported.

The two celebrities posted a brief conversation that shed light on how Twitter targeted and reprimanded accounts that spread so-called “misinformation” on the platform. The final conclusion was related to how Twitter, almost exclusively banned conservative and/or right-leaning accounts.

It all started when D’Souza Tweeted “We don’t hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter. Why? Because they were never kicked off in the first place. Their lies and misinformation simply escaped all scrutiny. Censorship has been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives.”

Many liberal and leftist accounts responded to D’Souza’s tweet, claiming that the reason why conservatives were primarily targeted for banning has been because liberals are not spreading misinformation.

However, responding directly to D’Souza, Elon Musk answered, “Correct.”

Leftist Twitter users have roundly blasted Musk for reinstating Donald Trump’s previously-exiled account. Trump has said that it is unlikely that he will return to the platform.

Last week, Musk reinstated both the Babylon Bee (a conservative satire news site) and Jordan Peterson’s Twitter account. Both of their unpopular opinions among liberal audiences had caused their bans.