“An Offense To Human Intelligence” – Expert In Immigration Blasts Biden Administration

During an interview on Fox News with Laura Ingraham, former White House advisor, Stephen Miller said the Biden Administration’s comments on the border are and “offense” to American intelligence.

His comments were directed toward current Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and his recent comments, which were played on Ingraham’s program.

Mayorkas comments:

“We do not have the capacity now to address the asylum seekers’ claims … because that system was dismantled in its entirety by the prior administration. … We have to address those implications, not only for the benefit of the of the communities in the United States, but for the migrants themselves.”

Responding to these comments, Miller said “The comment from Secretary Mayorkas is an offense to human intelligence and reason. When we left office, the border was fully secure. If you came illegally, you were detained and you were safely returned home. That is the definition of border security, that if someone crosses illegally, border agents can apprehend them, and then they can be safely returned to the country they came from.”

“We had that system in place. Because we had deals with Mexico. We had deals with Central America; we reformed our asylum regulations. We reformed our intake procedures; we expedited return flights home; we had charter flights leaving every single day to have a safe, secure, humane border. He and his fellow political appointees at DHS dismantled all of that. They dismantled the most effective asylum system that had ever been created in this country. And they [launched] this border crisis. And he needs to own up to that fact and not lie to the American people, and not disrespect the ICE officers and border agents who painstakingly achieved that security plan.”

“And I’ll say one other thing. While they’re pretending to be compassionate, not only are their plans deeply injuring American families and American communities, but they’re destroying the Northern Triangle. Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador cannot possibly succeed if this mass exodus of young people is allowed to continue. Those countries won’t have a future. They’re sentencing those countries to generations of poverty and misery.”