“Arrogant Lawlessness” – Republicans Blast Democrat’s Plan To Pack Court

On Wednesday, news broke that House and Senate Democrats were preparing legislation to add four new justices, which would amount to court-packing.

Immediately, Republican leaders bashed the claims, calling it “arrogant lawlessness.” Utah Senator Mike Lee said “Packing the court is an act of arrogant lawlessness. Those behind this effort spit in the face of judicial independence.”

In a Tweet, Senator Tom Cotton (AK) said “Packing the Supreme Court would destroy the Supreme Court. The Democrats will do anything for power.”

“The moderate left is gone. This is who they are now. Open borders. Outlawing voter ID. Free healthcare for illegal migrants. And now court-packing. This should be roundly rejected,” said Mark Meadows, former Trump Cheif Of Staff.

One of the most notable objections to court-packing comes from Biden’s 1983 response to FDR’s attempt to pack the court a “bonehead idea.” Biden went on to say “It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make, and it put in question there for an entire decade the independence of THE most significant body…in this country.”

Biden was, in 1983, referring to Roosevelt’s proposed “Judicial Procedures Reform Bill” of 1937. This bill would allow the President to appoint a 6th justice to the court.