Biden Admin Plans To Rescind Trump-Era Immigration Policy – WH Says ‘There Will Be An Influx Of People To The Border’

On Wednesday, the Biden administration said they are anticipating an “influx” of migrant entrance into the United States after it was revealed they are planning on ending a Trump-era policy that has departed 1.7 million illegal aliens.

Initially implemented in March of 2020, Title 42 was implemented as a directive through the CDC as a policy centered around public health. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration has drafted an order that will end Title 42.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said, “This is a decision that we have long deferred to CDC, Title 42 is a public health directive, it is not an immigration or migration enforcement measure. So, the decision on when to lift Title 42, we defer to the CDC.”

As a result of removing Title 42, the White House has admitted they are expecting an “influx” of illegal migrant activity. According to Bedingfield, the administration is “planning for multiple contingencies. She also said, “there will be an influx of people to the border.”

The order is expected to be rescinded in May of 2022.

During Biden’s State Of The Union address, Biden focused part of his speech on reforming immigration to enact a “pathway to citizenship.” He urged Congress to “secure protection for dreamers.”

The developments with Title 42 come during a time when the Biden Administration and overall Democratic approval ratings have dropped. According to a recent NBC poll, 71% of Americans believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction. These numbers are cause for alarm for many Democratic politicians, including the President, as mid-term elections are a matter of months away.