Biden Administration Is Keeping Border Agents From Speaking To The Press – “Verbal Gag Order”

As migrants continue to surge at the border, it’s being reported Border Agents have been restricted from informing the press about the growing crisis.

As reported by NBC, officials are saying this directive is being passed down through the ranks verbally. Some have described it as an “unofficial gag order.”

Incorporated in this verbal “gag order,” is the direction of border patrol agents to refuse to provide the press with “ride alongs” and to refer all information inquiries to Washington for approval.

Additionally, officials have been told to not share data related to how many migrants are in custody. News sources have also been denied photos from which processing facilities where migrants are being held. Media tours have been halted as well.

These restrictions are in sharp contrast to how the previous administration handled migrants. During the Trump administration (particularly June 2018), the media was allowed access to migrant facilities to document the conditions of facilities and how families were being treated.

According to a DHS spokesperson, “Across the federal government, certain employees are designated spokespeople for their respective agencies and public statements are vetted to ensure accuracy. This standard and process have been followed at DHS since the Department’s inception and across bipartisan administrations. Customs and Border Protection continues to publicly provide the same monthly data on the same schedule as it has since 2014.”

News of this unofficial gag order has been a touchy subject for the Biden Administration, as numbers of illegal migrants in custody surge to record levels. Some migrants have cited Biden’s rhetoric as a reason to enter the United States illegally. However, this claim has been rejected by the Biden administration numerous times.