Biden Calls for Filibuster Suspension to Nationalize Abortion

Source: Gage Skidmore |

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced that he favored nixing the filibuster to nationalize abortion.

Biden said, “And if the filibuster gets in the way, it’s like voting rights, we provide an exception for this or an exception to the filibuster for this action.” In other words, we’ll find or invent a way around this.

“It is a mistake, in my view, for the Supreme Court to do what it did,” Biden continued. “I feel extremely strongly that I’m going to do everything in my power, which I legally can do in terms of executive orders, as well as push the Congress and the public.”

The announcement came during the NATO summit in Madrid.

The Supreme Court’s decision on June 24 to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade case has caused widespread debate and chaos as blue states push to increase abortion access and red states move toward saving more lives.

The magic number in the Senate is 60 if the filibuster is intact. Over the last months, moves to strengthen federal abortion law have failed.

However, several businesses have announced plans to supply workers with financial assistance to obtain an abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling.