Biden Weakens Illegal Immigration Barriers – Top GOP Lawmakers Are Not Happy

Since taking office, Biden has reversed several Trump-era policies. Of those policies, some of the most notable is related to immigration. Trump’s tough stance on immigration has been a flash-point in national politics, exposing the divide between Republicans and Democrats.

Yesterday, Biden released a memo that supported the expansion of the DACA program, ending Trump’s declaration of an emergency at the US’s southern border, diminished immigration authorities from enforcing immigration law, and ended funding for the border wall.

In response to these partisan moves, top Republicans Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy made statements expressing their disapproval of such actions. Ted Cruz said Biden’s moves “encourage illegal immigration at the expense of American workers.” While House Minority Leader McCarthy said they were an “affront to the rule of law.”

Cruz’s statement went on to say, “Not only has he chosen to halt construction of a wall on America’s southern border and to continue Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty by preserving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but he is promoting open-borders legislation that would gift citizenship to over 11 million illegal immigrants, roll back immigration enforcement, and promote and increase foreign labor at a time when many Americans desperately need work.”