BREAKING: Intelligence Sources Say Full-Scale Invasion Into Ukraine Will Happen In Two Days

As reported by Newsweek on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has been informed by the Former Vice President Biden Administration that intelligence sources have indicated Russia would fully invade Ukraine over the next couple of days.

The report said,  “The President of Ukraine has been warned Russia will highly likely begin an invasion within 48 hours based on U.S. intelligence. Additionally, reporting from aircraft observers indicates Russia violated Ukrainian airspace earlier today, flying possible reconnaissance aircraft for a short period over Ukraine.”

It has been confirmed that Zelenskyy’s administration has received the update.

This comes after CNBC reported Ukrainian government advised citizens to leave, and not visit, Russia. The report said, “the intensification of Russian aggression against Ukraine … may lead to significant restrictions on the provision of consular assistance in the Russian Federation. We emphasize that ignoring these recommendations will significantly complicate ensuring proper protection of Ukrainian citizens in the Russian Federation.”

Additionally, there have been indications that cyber warfare against Ukraine has already begun.