California Representatives Work To Stop Lawmakers From Carrying Guns On Capitol Hill

A bill has been introduced in the House that seeks to make carrying guns on Capitol grounds illegal for Congressional members.

The “No Congressional Gun Loophole Act” was reintroduced last week by Representatives Jared Huffman (D-CA) and Jackie Speir (D-CA). Speaking to personal reasons as to why she supports the piece of legislation, Spier said on Twitter, “As a survivor of gun violence I know what it’s like to [be] shot & left for dead. Stats show accidents happen when there are firearms around. The exemption for U.S. Reps increases the risk for Members, staff & the public.”

Currently, firearms are prohibited on Capitol grounds. However, Congressional members are permitted to carry guns, as long as the guns are not brought to the floors of the House or Senate. These allowances for Congressional members have been in place since 1967, and no gun-related incident has been reported.

Rep. Huffman also went on to Twitter, stating his reasons for pushing the bill forward saying, “You can’t have an honor system with dishonorable people. We now have Members openly calling for violence & trying to bring guns on the House Floor. For everyone’s safety, we must pass my bill with Rep. Speier to get rid of Members’ special firearms exemption.”

Earlier this week, Pelosi made a controversial remark, stating the need for additional security in the Capitol because of “the enemy is within the House of Representatives.”

In what appeared to be a response to Pelosi’s comments, Representative Green (R-GA) Tweeted on Saturday, “Yes there is an enemy within. And that enemy is a poisonous rot of socialist policies and America last sell outs who are pompous hypocrites that believe they are untouchable elites.”