Democrats Switch Stance on Lockdowns Following Biden’s Election

In the days leading up to now-President Biden’s inauguration, Democrats that have been spouting the ‘importance of lockdowns’ are quickly turning against the authoritative measures they have been pushing to ‘slow the spread.’ In an attempt to paint the Biden presidency as the only thing America needed to end the pandemic, several Democrat leaders are beginning to preach the same rhetoric that President Trump expressed for most of the epidemic.

One of the first Democrats to begin talking about the cost of lockdowns was none other than the authoritative lockdown advocate, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York.

After years of calling President Trump authoritative without basis, Democrats proved through their actions during the coronavirus outbreak that they agree with the tyrannical rule of their constituents. However with President Biden now in office, the left is going to begin pushing the narrative that the pandemic is finally ending thanks to Biden’s ‘hard work.’ Even though President Trump has been fighting the pandemic ever since the first case was found in the United States.