“Disaster” – Trump Speaks Out Against Democrat’s H.R.1 Bill

In an interview on Tuesday, Donald Trump said he believes the Democrats’ H.R.1 voter reform bill is a “disaster” for the country if the Senate chooses to pass it.

On March 3rd, the “For The People Act” was passed by the House with very few Republicans voting for it. The Act seeks to require states to incorporate federal requirements into voting procedures.

Speaking to Fox News, the former President said, when asked about the bill, “I think it would be a disaster for the country.” H.R.1. is 800 approximately 800 pages and would require significant changes that many would consider controversial.

Some of the most notable changes to election law include 15-day early voting requirements, donation disclosures, and no-excuses absentee voting.

Critics of the bill are quick to highlight how the bill opens the door to increased federal control over how individual states conduct elections.

According to Trump, “It would be very unfair that Democrats should use COVID in order to do things that they can’t believe they got away with, what they did, and they didn’t get their legislatures to approve, and by the way in the Constitution, you have to do that.”

Trump went on to add, “In the Constitution, it says the state legislatures have to approve changes—they made massive changes early—just before the election in some cases, and they made massive changes that not even mentioning all of the other things and all of the dishonesty in the election, the state legislatures did not approve these changes. Therefore, they’re not allowed.”