Chris Cuomo Withdraws Firefighter Application After He Realizes It Takes Work To Be A Firefighter

Fire Fighters Sitting In Fire Engine

Chris Cuomo, the CNN news anchor who was fired for trying to cover for his less-fit brother Andrew Cuomo’s sex-scandals, has reportedly withdrawn his application to become a volunteer firefighter due to the work it would require.

According to The Daily Beast, Cuomo “balked” and pulled his application to be a volunteer firefighter with the East Hampton Fire Department. Cuomo is believed to be unable to put in the work that it would take to fulfill the job.

EHFD Chief Duane Forrester said regarding the situation, It’s a very time-consuming thing. There are monthly meetings and drills and you have to meet a percentage of your calls. That’s why we don’t have many celebrities.”

Cuomo’s aspiration to heroically put out fires comes during his ongoing lawsuit against his former employer, CNN. Currently, he is seeking $125 million in damages. Cuomo calls his termination “the epitome of hypocrisy.”

Cuomo was relieved of his position as CNN’s primetime anchor after he failed to accurately report on news involving his brother, former (and disgraced) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In the lawsuit, Cuomo alleges CNN did not enact the same consequence when CNN analyst Jeffery Toobin was caught masturbating during a video conference. Cuomo also pointed out CNN allowed anchors Don Lemon and Jake Tapper to favorably report on hoaxer Jussie Smollett’s false hate-crime testimony.