Prince Harry Gets Pounded on Social Media After UN Speech

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Britain’s Prince Harry aimed at the United States on Monday during a speech before the United Nations in honor of Nelson Mandela. The prince lamented the “rolling back of constitutional rights” in the U.S., citing the erosion of rights parts as part of “a global assault on democracy and freedom.”

The prince pointed to Mandela’s legacy as a freedom fighter. Harry noted Mandela’s upbeat spirit even in the darkest times as he zeroed in on his imprisonment and the presence of unrelenting hope. Then intersected the U.S. rolling back constitutional rights, accentuating the assault on global “democracy and freedom,” which were Mandela’s cause in South Africa.

It didn’t take long for critics to take aim and blast scalding sentiments back at the prince.

On Twitter, Phineas Fahrquar tweeted, “I believe you come from a nation wherein people can get police visits for saying mean things on the Internet and reading Churchill aloud, so don’t lecture us about freedom.”

Some other noteworthy comments from Twitter were Joe Colangelo, who blasted the Brit.

Also, Lahav Harkov reminded the prince of American history.

Also, Douglas Carswell cautioned the prince on making such statements.

Finally, Robert Obrien said it all.

According to the “Armchair Expert podcast,” Prince Harry has been critical of the First Amendment, talking with them in an interview.

“I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers. I don’t want to start going down the First Amendment route because that’s a huge subject and one which I don’t understand because I’ve only been here a short time. But, you can find a loophole in anything. You can capitalize or exploit what’s not said rather than uphold what is said.”