Former U.S National Security Officials Warn Biden’s Progressive Agenda Benefits China

Former Trump Administration U.S. officials are sounding the alarm on the Biden administration’s security agenda, warning that President Biden’s progressive ideas may get in the way of national security. 

Tim Morrison, a former member of the Trump administration’s National Security Council said, “I think a lot of these guys who are going into government are going to finally start getting classified briefings about what China has been up to,” Morrison added, “I want to be a fly in the room. The color is going to drain out of their faces, they are going to sit back in their chairs, and they are going to say ‘oh [explitive].’”

Morrison may have been referring to China’s major nuclear buildup in the last few years, as well as other classified real-world threats 

The Biden team is looking to cut back on military spending by reducing America’s nuclear weapon stockpile and implementing new weapon control treaties. Morrison and other top U.S. officials are saying that this progressive agenda will only benefit China.

Jon Kyl, a former Arizona Senator said that Biden’s national security plans sends “a bad signal and suggests that Biden may be a pushover when it comes to this sort of thing because even those who still see value in New START agree there are some things the United States should be pushing for.”

Kyl was referring to a nuclear weapons treaty made between the U.S. and Russia called New START. Former President Trump had not yet decided whether to extend the treaty before leaving office because he hoped China would be included in a new treaty. 

If the treaty is extended without China’s inclusion, China will have five more years to build its nuclear stockpile while the U.S. is limited.

The South China Morning Post reported that Former Chinese military instructor Song Zhongpong said that China may use the time to build up its nuclear stockpile because China does “not have enough to completely destroy all major cities in the U.S.”