Grand Central Station Shut Down as Pro-Palestinian Protesters Vandalize Property in Manhattan

Source: Steven Vago via Twitter

On Friday evening, a dynamic protest by supporters of the Palestinian cause resulted in a confrontation at New York’s Grand Central Station. Protestors attempted to force their way through the station’s doors, as part of citywide demonstrations where American flags were removed and property was defaced.

The “flood Manhattan for Gaza” rally, coordinated by the groups Within Our Lifetime and the City University of New York for Palestine, followed recent violence in the Middle East. The protests echoed nationwide sentiments against the backdrop of Hamas’s hostilities towards Israel.

Steven Vago, a New York Post journalist, documented the turmoil, capturing footage of protestors assaulting the entryways of Grand Central with Palestinian banners in hand. The event escalated to the point where officials had to temporarily close the station.

Additional incidents reported included a sticker affixed to a Dior outlet advocating resistance against colonial powers and a congregation of police outside a Starbucks due to aggressive protester outbursts. Reports also indicated that the New York Daily News staff faced harassment, and The New York Times building was defaced with faux blood.

During the upheaval, an individual was detained for dismantling American and U.N. flags, and another was taken into custody after incinerating an Israeli flag. Civilians were seen confronting protestors, and the NYPD warned those obstructing traffic of arrest for disorderly conduct. The total number of arrests made has not been disclosed.

The incidents in New York mirrored global protests in response to the conflict that resulted in significant casualties and injuries in Israel.