Idaho House Passes Bill To Let Certain Staff Carry Guns On School Grounds

Idaho state lawmakers have moved a bill forward that would allow certain public school employees to carry concealed guns without school board approval.

Passing the Idaho House with a 52-18 vote, Bill 122 moves to expand certain members of public schools to carry weapons on school grounds. Under current law, public school employees have to first get permission from school boards.

The reason for this modification, according to Representative Chad Christensen, is employees shouldn’t have to seek permission from other officials to exercise their Second Amendment rights, saying “I don’t like any government to restrict our constitutional protections. This is a Second Amendment issue. For me, the Second Amendment right doesn’t stop at the door of a school.”

If passed, the bill would still require the school Principle and Superintendent to be informed that an employee is carrying a gun on school grounds. However, the identity of the individual would be kept confidential.

Supporters of the bill also said the bill enables children to be further protected if an active school shooter scenario were to happen. Christensen said, “If [this bill] can save 10 lives, five lives … it’s worth it.”