“I’m Done With You”: Jean-Pierre Shuts Down Reporter’s Question About COVID Origin During Fauci’s Last WH Appearance

Source: They White House YouTube

On Tuesday, Dr. Fauci made his final appearance at the White House.

After being introduced by the White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre, Fauci again went on to promote getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

When asked “What do you want Americans to remember about your service in government?” Fauci said, “I’ll let others judge the values of my accomplishments.” He went on to say, “If they want to remember me, whether they judge me rightly or wrongly, what I’ve done, I’ve given it all I’ve got for many decades.”

The conversation got heated after Jean-Pierre stopped journalists, including the Daily Caller’s Diana Glebova, from asking Fauci about where COVID originated. Other reporters argued with Jean-Pierre, saying the question should be asked. However, Jean-Pierre insisted those reporters would not be called upon.

Jean-Pierre, “I hear your question. Bu, we’re not doing this the way you want it.” She concluded the argument saying, “…I’m done with you right now.”

Fauci’s main comments revolved around COVID and vaccines. When asked about his recommendations before Thanksgiving. Fauci said you should get a COVID test before you have your Thanksgiving dinner.