Indiana AG to Investigate Five Big Tech Companies For Censorship of Conservative Voices

On Wednesday, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced that he will be investigating five big tech companies that may have censored conservative content. Rokita said that the five companies potentially caused harm to Indiana consumers through “abusive, deceptive, and/or unfair” business practices.

Rokita will be investigating Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Rokita said he is specifically pursuing companies that may have restricted their consumer’s access to specific content.

In a free society, few assets are more important to consumers than access to information and the opportunity to express political viewpoints in meaningful forums,” the attorney general said. 

It is potentially harmful and unfair for these companies to manipulate content in ways they do not publicly discuss or that consumers do not fully understand.”

Rokita is also investigating allegations that Vanita Gupta, Biden’s nominee for associate U.S. attorney general, may have encouraged censorship of conservative content by big tech companies.