Kamala Harris Was Fact-Checked Over False Claims – Axios Deletes Tweet

On Monday, Axios removed a tweet that fact-checked Kamala Harris’ claim about Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

Harris had given an interview to Axios, where she claimed, “There was no stockpile … of vaccines. There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations. We were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and figure it out. And so in many ways, we’re starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year!”

Axios followed this interview with a now-deleted fact-check tweet, correcting Kamala’s claim saying,“.@VP Harris to @mikeallen: ‘There was no national strategy or plan for [COVID-19] vaccinations. We’re starting from scratch.’ At a press conference last month, Fauci said ‘we certainly are not starting from scratch’ on vaccine distribution.’”

Politifact weighed in and refuted Kamala’s claim saying, “.@VP told @mikeallen that ‘there was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations’ and that Biden admin was ‘starting from scratch.’ That’s wrong. The Trump admin had a plan to distribute to locations chosen by states and let them take it from there.”

Reasons as to why Axios would remove Harris’ fact-check remain unclear. However, commentator Steven Miller tweeted it could be because one of Axios’ reporters is dating a former member of the Biden Administration.

Axios had reposted the video. However, they did not include the previously-mentioned comment from Fauci, effectively removing a perceived fact-check.