Not News News: Facebook’s Oversight Board Decided That Facebook Made A Decision About Trump

In what could be described as a left-leaning company’s decision that it had made a decision, Facebook’s semi-independent “oversight board,” said Facebook’s ban on Donald Trump was appropriate. However, it “was not appropriate for Facebook to impose an ‘indefinite’ suspension.”

The suspension came a day after the January 6 breach of the Capitol. According to the board, Trump’s message on that day, which included phrases of “We love you. You’re very special” and “great patriots,” violated Facebook’s terms of service.

The board said Facebook has 6 months to reexamine the “arbitrary penalty” of account suspension, saying a new penalty must be “clear, necessary and proportionate.”

We are unable to confirm how, or by what law or moral philosophy, the group of company decision-ers make decisions about a company’s decisions. However, we can confirm that this is not really news, and the entire idea of Facebook’s oversight board handing down Supreme Court-like decision on it’s own decisions is very, very silly.