Omicron Variant – The Former Vice President Says Plan For Updated Vaccines Is Being Put In Place

The elderly Former Vice President, who has yet to undergo a cognitive test, proclaimed on Monday that the new omicron variant of COVID-19 will not be responded to with “shutdowns and lockdowns.”

Biden also said the “variant of concern” is a “cause for concern, not a cause for panic.”

Biden said, “Sooner or later, we’re going to see cases of this new variant here in the United States. We’ll have to face this new threat just as we faced those that’ve come before it.”

However, a contingency plan is being drafted with Pfizer, Moderna and J&J for additional updated vaccines, “if needed.” Biden said, “We will accelerate their development and deployment with every available tool.”

The Omicron variant came to global awareness last week after scientists in South Africa made world leaders aware of a previously-unknown variant of the China-born virus. This news prompted many countries to ban travel in and out of countries around the South African region.

Biden went on to say the travel restrictions “gives us time to take more actions. To move quicker, to make sure that people understand you have to get your vaccine, you have to get the shot, you have to get the booster.”

Here in the United Staets, Dr. Anthony Fauci went on record downplaying the potentiality of another mass-shutdown of the economy. Fauci said, “If people are vaccinated and wearing their mask, there’s no need to lockdown.”

To date, the new Omicron variant has been spotted in Canada, UK, Europe and Israel.