Outer Perimeter Fencing Removed From Capitol Complex, Capitol Police Say There is Currently No Credible Threat

The fencing surrounding the outer perimeter of the Capitol complex in Washington D.C. has been removed after U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) confirmed that there is currently no credible threat against the area.

However, fencing closer to the Capitol Building remains up, and the National Guard Troops will continue to support USCP forces for the time being.

Affected roads have reopened. The USCP is ready to quickly ramp up security at a moment’s notice if needed,” The USCP wrote to Twitter. The U.S. Capitol Police also said that they are working with “congressional stakeholders and law enforcement partners to strengthen our security posture.”

The announcement came just after Seargent-at-Arms Timothy P. Blodgett stated that there was no “credible threat” justifying the outer fencing around the complex.