Reports: House Democrats Will Move Against Biden And Lift COVID Vaccine Requirement For Military


Reports are emerging that indicate House Democrats will move against the Biden administration and work with the GOP to remove the requirement for service members to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The move against the former Vice President is expected to occur this coming Friday as House members vote on the National Defense Authorization Act. This annual defense bill, if passed, will remove COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Fox News reported, “While the bill will remove the vaccine mandate for U.S. troops, it will not reinstate service members who were discharged or had their benefits slashed for refusing to be immunized against the coronavirus.”

By addressing possible compensation-solutions, the bill also addresses service members who were reprimanded for not previously being vaccinated against COVID. Currently, approximately 3,400 service members have been discharged over the vaccine.

This is the latest development in an ongoing debate within the federal government over the vaccine requirement. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, Biden’s administration does not back the requirement’s removal.

Kirby said, “Secretary Austin’s been very clear that he opposes the repeal of the vaccine mandate, and the president actually concurs with the secretary of defense.” He confirmed Biden “continues to believe that all Americans, including those in the armed forces, should be vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19.” He then said, “Vaccines are saving lives including our men and women in uniform.”

On Sunday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News for the bill to pass the House, the requirement will have to be lifted. He continued by saying, “Otherwise, the bill will not move. This is the first sign of having divided government.”