Ted Cruz Blasts Media, Cancel Culture and Promotes Trump At CPAC Conference

Speaking at the CPAC conference on Friday, Ted Cruz said, “Donald Trump ain’t going anywhere.”

Cruz’s statement comes during a time when speculation as to Trump’s future within the GOP is widespread. Donald Trump is set to be the keynote speaker on Sunday evening.

Within his remarks, Cruz described the vision for the Republican party as one for working-class Americans, “And the Republican party is not the party of the country clubs. It is the party of steelworkers, construction workers, pipeline workers … the men and women with calluses on their hands.”

Cruze went on to highlight the rise in “cancel culture” that many feel consistently target conservative viewpoints, “The media here looks at the men and women gathered here as dangerous radicals. This is the rebel alliance. And Vader and the emperor are terrified of the rebels who are here.”

“The left believes in conformity. We believe free speech, religious worship, you can worship whoever you like … that’s the beauty of freedom, the second amendment. The left hates the second amendment, they want people docile and compliant,” Cruze said.