The President’s Veteran’s Day Salute, Ilhan Omar, AOC, and America Marches On

Happy Veterans Day! To all those that have served, we salute you and thank you for your service to our country.  

Also, our new website has been received so well, and we can’t thank you enough for reaching out to us and letting us know what you think. In the coming days and weeks, you’ll begin seeing more and more articles appear on our site. Our team is excited to continue voicing Conservative points of view and making sure you get timely and relevant information. Visit back here often! 

Election Updates! 

Alaska Goes For Trump!  

The Epoch Times has finally called Alaska for Trump. The state carries with it 3 electoral votes. Yes, we still have a way to go. But this development is good news for the Trump team.  

Oh, Pennsylvania 

There are many developments happening in key swing states. We suggest you head over to the Epoch Times and keep your eye on each one. But, the state that seems to have the most promise is Pennsylvania. This state carries 20 electoral votes that could go towards Trump’s camp. If this were to happen, it would be an incredible development, leaving the Presidency up to GA and NV.  

Longshot Nevada 

Yes, we’ve heard about the appeal being dismissed to the Nevada Supreme Court. To us, we don’t see this as a big deal. The Secretary of State has promised to look into Voter Fraud Allegations. But, even with the (estimated) 80K votes that are left to be counted, the President would have to (according to our estimates) take over 70% of these open votes.  

Thinning in Arizona 

This is a state where Trump continues to gain on Biden. The margin between Trump and Biden is razor-thin. We’re following this very closely and not counting Trump out.  

Big $$ For Ilhan Omar’s Husband 

It seems being having a large campaign fund is a great way to line your own pockets. Government data (reported by the Epoch Times) proves that Rep. Ilhan Omar’s re-election campaign paid nearly $2.8 million to her husband’s consultancy firm. The two largest payments, in the past 6 months, were in the six-figures. The connection between the campaign and the consulting firm does raise eyebrows.  

Ilhan rose to power at a young age and with very little experience. She is part of the new progressive wing of the democratic party. Their extreme socialist ideology is divisive and combative against anyone that subscribes to Conservative ideology. It still amazes us that Omar has retained her office. But, that is a sign of where the Democratic party is headed towards.  

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