Trump Impeachment Trial Continues As Democrats Wrap up Their Case

The impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump continued on Thursday with House Impeachment Managers finishing up their 16-hour presentation, clearing the way for Trump’s defense team to begin on Friday.

Former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller stated “We will finish up our presentation tomorrow,” referring to Friday, February 12. Miller has also publicly stated that Trump felt  “happier” and added that “Democrats haven’t presented a strong case.”

At the rate at which the trial is currently progressing, it is expected to conclude by the end of this weekend, with some GOP senators predicting Trump’s acquittal by Sunday.

House Democrats gathered media attention during their presentation after they showed never before seen footage of the Capitol Breach. The footage was accompanied by audio of police communications as they created a detailed account of what happened at the Capitol on January 6.

If political speech, certainly one like my father gave, is used as the metric by which to judge if someone is creating an insurrection, I mean, you literally would not have a congressman, congresswoman, senator, governor, state representative, or a [expletive] dog catcher left in America that wouldn’t be in the Gulag. It’s ridiculous,” Donald Trump Jr. told the Washington Examiner on Thursday.