‘Sooner Rather Than Later’ – Advisor Suggests Trump May Be Jumping Into Presidential Race

Gage Skidmore https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki

For months, the question has swirled: Is Donald Trump running again in 2024? Longtime Trump adviser and former aide Jason Miller spoke with NBC News about the former president’s intentions and campaign announcement.

Miller admitted telling Trump he needed to start building his supporter base. According to The Independent, Trump’s former inner circle rumors point toward July 4 as an announcement date. However, Miller denied the claim as “not true,” adding that the day wasn’t even “unofficially reserved” for such an announcement.

“I think that there being clarity about what his intentions are [is important] so he can start building that operation while it’s still fresh in people’s minds and they’re still active — a lot of that can be converted into 2024 action,” Miller said.

However, several Trump confidants have recommended holding off the announcement until after the mid-term elections. They also caution that he has not decided that he is running yet.

One advisor suggested the former president is more likely to jump in “sooner rather than later.”

In a text exchange with NBC News, Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich acknowledged he’s witnessed a “growing public appetite for a Trump comeback.”

“America was strong, prosperous and greatly respected under President Trump, and that’s why he continues to have unprecedented strength through his endorsement record and the demand for his leadership has never been higher,” Budowich said.

For now, he’s made no announcement, but he is soliciting and receiving counsel on whether he should run and, if so, when should he jump in the ring.

“He always seeks advice from the unlikeliest of places and a very wide pool of voices,” said Miller, who declined to go into his discussions with Trump on the matter. “I very much want him to run again in 2024.”