Trump Speaks Out, Russia’s War ‘Never Would Have Happened’ If He Were Still In Office

Speaking with Fox News on Thursday, Former President Donald Trump blasted Russia, saying their war in Ukraine “truly is a crime against humanity” and that it “never would have happened” if he was still in office.

The comments came during an interview with Sean Hannity. Trump went on to say, “I’m looking at these scenes on television of things that are happening, and nobody can believe them So something has to happen, Sean. This can’t continue. This … truly is a crime against humanity. This is something that has to end, and it has to end soon.”

Trump continued by saying, “The problem with Putin, he’s got a very big ego, and if he ends now in most forms, if he ends now, it’s going to look like a big loss for him. Even if he takes a little extra territory. I’ll tell you, Sean, it’s a little hard for Ukraine also, because they are actually doing well, and they would like to see if they could have our country back, but also, what are they getting? They are getting all of these cities, look like they’re almost completely bombed to the ground.”

Trump went on to discuss Biden’s perceived weak-leadership during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan saying, “The way that they got out of Afghanistan looked like a complete surrender, and I’ll tell you that Putin was watching … bad things started to happen and they no longer respect our country, and that’s how this [Russia’s invasion of Ukraine] came about.”