Several GOP Lawmakers Commit to Objecting to the Certification of Electoral College Votes

With the upcoming joint session of Congress on January 6, an increasing number of lawmakers have come out in support of objecting to the Electoral College votes. More specifically, those that have been accused of state-wide voter fraud.

Most recently, 24 Louisiana House Republicans have collectively called for Republicans in Congress to object to the results of six states. Those being Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. All have been the targets of election fraud claims and allegations, as well as an investigation by President Trump’s legal team.

In the letter released by the Louisiana Republicans, they stated that “unelected, unaccountable judges and other unauthorized persons set about to revoke election integrity laws thereby endorsing, enabling, and encouraging election fraud,” clarifying further that “Every fake vote cast by, or on behalf of, an unqualified or non-existent voter for Biden-Harris robs an actual legitimate Trump-Pence voter and cancels out his or her vote.”

State Representative Beryl Amedee, one of the 24 House members calling for objection, said in a statement, “Whether you are Democrat or Republican, honesty in the election booth should matter. The integrity of elections must be preserved if we are to remain a free nation. Every disenfranchised voter should contact their congressman and senators immediately.”

With 11 GOP Senators, led by Ted Cruz, and House Representative Hawley willing to object to certification, it is incredibly likely that debates over election integrity will break out on January 6. If Congress can be convinced to accept the Republican electors, President Trump will officially gain a second term.