Trump’s Next Move? Patriot Party Being Discussed

As Trump exits the White House, the question on a lot of people’s mind is, “what’s next for Trump?” It’s difficult to see him enjoying a quiet retirement as America’s 45th President.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump may be considering forming a new political party. It’s been reported that Trump has floated the idea of calling the party the “Patriot Party.”

This speculation comes after divisions within the GOP have come to light after the Jan 6th breach of the Capitol. These divisions became most apparent when Mitch McConnell alleged Trump was responsible for provoking the January 6th breach of the Capitol. 

A former President forming a rival political party is not new in American History. Theodore Rosevelt formed the progressive “Bull Moose Party” after losing the Republican nomination to William Howard Taft.

The White House has not commented on how serious Trump is in starting a new political party. But, with approximately 30% of Republicans firmly behind the President, the result of this (if it were to happen) would be sure to shake up the political landscape.